Friday, November 2, 2012

a much needed date night

lately with work, interviews, testing and side jobs i feel like tyler and i have had a hard time finding time to go out on dates. with so much going on, an ever tightening budget and upcoming events i knew that the only day we could make a date happen this week was wednesday. so, on halloween we went to dinner at lucille's bbq, bought some shoes for mr. rex at dsw and saw chasing mavericks. good movie. we recommend it. 
it was a little sad not really celebrating halloween or dressing up, but the good thing was, because everyone else was busy celebrating we got sat right away at dinner and had only two other people in the movie with us. no fighting for a seat! phew. it was so refreshing to just sit down with tyler with no distractions. being with each other and talking about life and our future together. oh, how i love that man. he has been working so hard to find a new job so that he can provide for us and for our future. 
sometimes i forget how hard all of this is on him. i just think about myself and all the things that i am worried about. but i sort of had a little revelation yesterday. i mean, i guess i always knew this, but i never really knew it. forgive me if that doesn't really make any sense. so anyway, i was thinking about life, making mistakes and forgivness. i thought about how doing something wrong not only affects me, but it affects tyler. it affects my future family. we are in this together. we are connected and if i screw up, it hurts all parties involved. then i thought about how i would never want to do anything to make life harder for tyler. i only want to bring him joy. this brought about a new motivation for me to live better in all aspects of my life. i need to be healthy physically and spiritually in order to be whole. i need to treat my body as a sacred vessel and dedicate myself to being healthy. i need to do the same for my spirit. i need to be healthy spiritually in order to be the best wife and (future) mother i can be.
i am so so so grateful for tyler and i have to remind myself that this particular season of life hasn't been easy on him either. being aware of that and trying to be sympathetic to his struggles will help us to grow even stronger. we are blessed to know what we know about God's hand in our lives. lately things have been going better and i know it because of Him. my heart is happy.

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