Tuesday, October 30, 2012

our weekend


this is what my saturday night looks like when the husband works weekends. 

i ran errands. browsed the mall and found some candles on sale at bath and body works. decided on salted carmel and now my apartment smells like yummy pastries. treated myself to my first pedicure in months. read my book and nearly fell asleep during the massage... ahhhh. went to trader joes and i couldn't resist the pretty flowers. they have amazing deals if you want to check them out. listened to taylor swift's new cd (yes, i am a 15 year old girl) while i tidied up the apartment and unloaded groceries. i stopped at 711 to get quarters for laundry so i had to buy something... double gulp it was. slipped on my new pj's and settled in on the sofa.  

all these little things make saturday nights without my sweetheart a bit easier, but it's still a little lonely. being alone on nights when we normally go out together feels so strange. being with the same person everyday for the last 5 years doesn't make separation an easy task, but next week he goes out of town so i better get used to falling asleep by myself. i am sure gonna miss my cuddle partner. but i'll sleep in the middle of the bed and snuggle with his pillow, at least it smells like him! 

luckily i have really comfy pjs and a fully stocked fridge. and i guess there is always trash television. thank you time warner cable. thank you. 


Ashley and Blake said...

What is he doing for work now? In a few weeks my hubby will probably start working weekends so u can come down here and go to the beach with us and he's rarely home for dinner so if Tyler is ever out of town and u want to take a drive, just let me know. B goes to bed at 7:30, just in time for the trashy tv shows to get started!!! I keep saying you should move down here. All the hubbies down here are always gone so lots of lonely gals to hang with!

Onatoja said...

You're such a lucky girl that after 5 years you're still ... addicted ( ? ) to your husband. I don't have that much luck in my life. It's me who is working on weekends and leaving home first. And soon it all may be finished.. Circle of life.
At least, you had wonderful evening with someone special.. you ! :)
It's my first time here.
For sure will be back.