Monday, October 15, 2012

something left behind

this last week my parents decided to clean out their storage unit. this meant that all boxes needed to be rummaged through and things marked for keep, donate or sell. luckily i was able to inherit quite a few little gems left behind by my great grandma jones. i never knew her, but as i carefully unwrapped each piece of her vintage china and decided which items to save for myself i couldn't help but think of what she was like. when did she use these things? were they for special occasions or everyday use? what style clothing did she wear? what were the conversations she had while using these items that she left behind?

i had lots of favorites, but only kept a few of my very favorite pieces. now each new piece has a special place in the apartment. it was tough deciding which things to keep, but space is limited so it had to be done. i think my favorite thing has to be the cute syrup dispenser. i remember my grandma pitts using one of those whenever she made us breakfast, i mean cold syrup was just not okay in her house. i can't wait to use it! thanks grandma jones!

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Kelly Wright said...

Those are SOOO CUTE! I love inheriting old things like that. I keep telling my grandma not to get rid of anything in her house because we would all love to have it when she moves on. She doesn't think anyone would want her stuff but I have assured her she is wrong. Makes you think about the things you purchase and what will be passed on to your kids and grandkids...