Wednesday, October 24, 2012

changing leaves

i am really loving this fall weather over here. it has been in the 60's and 70's as of late and it feels SO good. i especially enjoy driving down the beautiful streets (yes, i have favorite streets) that are filled with changing leaves. it makes me so happy!
over the past couple months there have been some changes in the rex household and sometimes i get a little anxious about it. but then i think about these changing leaves and how they signify a change of seasons. eventually they will fall to the earth, but then in the spring they will return, bright and vibrant. my life is also going through a change of seasons if you will and this season is preparing me for my future. i can see how small things that have been happening lately are helping me prepare for what will eventually come to pass. God is good, he helps me see the beauty in learning little by little.
i know that nothing in this life is certain. anything can change in an instant. i have questions that have yet to be answered, but i will continue to wait and have the faith that He is in control and will guide us. living life unsure is not my cup of tea, but i am trying to be positive. trying to lean on the Lord. trying to be strong. some days i am pretty good at it. other days not so much. luckily i have a really cute man by my side to hold me tight and make me laugh.
so here's to hoping that even though things are a little (or a lot) different, that i too will return bright and vibrant after this season is done.

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