Thursday, November 8, 2012

my life in instagram; tips on how to survive when your husband is away

here are a few photos from my iphone of life lately. today mr. rex gets home from his trip to colorado. sleeping in our california king bed for five nights all alone was weird. can't wait to have his warm cuddly body lying next to me tonight instead of a stack of pillows. yes, i laid pillows all long his side of the bed so as to trick myself into thinking i wasn't so alone. 
all in all having him gone for so long wasn't nearly as terrible as we both suspected. 

here are some tips for how to survive when your husband is gone...

1. keep yourself busy! make lists and plans and stick to them. 
2. try to get out of the house. i tried to make plans that required me to leave the apartment, the place where we normally hang out. this helped a ton. 
3. lay pillows all along his side of the bed. this way you don't feel like you're all alone in that big bed. you can also sleep right there in the middle. i enjoy doing that sometimes, even when tyler is in the bed. 
4. when you are at home, put on your favorite pandora station or tv show. that always helps the house feel a little less empty. 
5. make sure to lock your doors! don't forget to be safe when you are alone in the house. 

hope this tips help you. they definitely helped me stay sane for the last 5 days. it wasn't easy, but staying busy, having work during the day and a phone call from tyler every once in a while really helped. 

what will i be doing tonight??? smothering that cute man of mine. caaaaan't waaaaiiiit!!!

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