Tuesday, September 4, 2012

my life in instagram


lately life has been very full. lots of time with family and friends. busy as usual with work, but good. things aren't perfect, but we are looking forward to the future with faith. luckily we have had a lot of great things and great people to aid us in our journey to happiness. we love that our lives are so rich with love from friends and family.

some highlights from life lately:  
  • seeing my cousins prepare to leave on 2 year missions for our church. i am so proud of those two guys. i will miss them, but i am so so so excited for them.
  • meeting sweet little braden grochmal. we are so happy when our friends have babies and so grateful that mama and baby are healthy. we just love those grochmals.
  • we got to see the steelwells play a show in the big city. we haven't been able to see them play in so long and it felt so good to stay up late in a club in LA. it makes us feel young & hip.
  • seeing colton and carly chow on their ice cream cones and then kiss on command. we love bbq's with friends with kids. always entertaining.
  • going to church and watching all of the kiddos in sunday school as i sit beside tyler. we pretty much giggled the entire time. i swear we saw at least 5 kids pick their nose and then proceed to stick the nose picking finger into their mouth. fantastic source of entertainment! just good clean fun.
  • watching tyler and his cousin spencer play legos. the legos were a gift for spencer's 4 month old son. but who wants to wait 2 years for warren to catch on? you bet your boots those twenty something year olds busted that box right open and got to work. 
  • redecorating. love it when the apartment feels so fresh and lovely. read more about it here
  • sleeping in til 10:30 am on labor day. oh what a sweet and happy day it was. 

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