Friday, September 21, 2012

let's sail away

a while ago tyler and his dad acquired a sail boat. it was free, but it needed a lot of work. luckily a family friend saw the love judd and tyler had for sailing and gifted tyler's dad a newer boat. with the older boat sold, this one made it's way into the family. what a treat. not much work was needed to get it up and running either, which was nice - - - for the boys, i mean i wouldn't have been much help anyway. ;)

while cousin's spencer and ashley were in town with cute little warren we just had to take the boat out. it was a must. the weather was lovely. the company was top notch and the view was just impeccable. what a blessing it is to live in such a gorgeous part of the world. the ocean really is a gift. a beautiful, relaxing and happy day it was. the boys were in heaven.

p.s. how sexy is my sailor of a husband??? love that cutie!


jules said...

Dreamy Amy!! Love Tyler's shorts and your polka with stripes. Wish I was boating with you! Maybe Thanksgiving break?!!

Ganesan Visvanathan said...

Beautiful vacation trip you guys on.