Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i think i need to improve my multi-tasking skills

the other night we had a little visitor. a very cute one at that. after work we watched little brylee sue for a couple hours. i attempted to make dinner and watch a fully mobile little one year old. tyler was there to help, but brylee is a curious one who loves to see what auntie is up to. i finished dinner and only burnt the garlic bread. score.

i definitely have more respect for my sister and all moms out there who take care of their kiddos while they try to get things done. not an easy task.

so at least i've had a teeny tiny bit of practice with making sure a child survives whilst i cook and chase after her making sure she doesn't jump off the couch. i was a little worried and frazzled while i tried to eat my dinner, watch her and try to get her to eat something besides my iphone. she didn't really want the apple sauce i dished out for her, i guess my plate of ravioli was far more appealing. i didn't mind sharing though. i can't really resist her cuteness. she knows i'll give her what she wants.

we don't really have any toys around these parts, but apparently all this little one needs to be happy is a tv remote, a cell phone and my lens cap. see how she's trying to snag tyler's cell phone out of his pocket as he naps? a sneaky little munchkin she is.

man! i love this girl to the moon and back.

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