Friday, August 31, 2012

things i love: new additions

there are some new additions to the rex household as of late that i am pretty excited about. i thought i would share them with you. some were repurposed, some were gifted, some were thrifted and some were purchased. i got some  killer deals shopping at ikea and getting things on sale that i've had my eyes on for quite some time. sometimes you just need a few new additions and some organizing to lift your spirits and make your space a little more homey.

  • my new velvet pillows from urban outfitters that i got on sale. love the colors. love the fabric. love the style. mr. rex isn't crazy about pillows, but we played rock paper scissors to decide whether to keep them or not. guess who won? didn't you know that fire always wins? don't worry, he didn't either. 
  • next, my thrifted ball jar and my ikea napkin holder. i love finding good deals. the ball jar was $4 as was the napkin holder. 
  • i can't really decide which item is my favorite. but i must say seeing my scarves and beanies out every day just gets me so excited about the fall season. before they were all on a hanger in my closet. they weren't out on display so i often forgot about them. i'm sure now that they are handy i will be accessorizing more often. i found the hooks at goodwill for $7 i think, the basket holding my gloves and beanies i already had and repurposed and the trunk was the best find of all. it was FREE! tyler and i found it by the dumpster just outside our apartment. total. score. 
  • my cook books were on the ledge by the kitchen and would fall over all the time. there were just too many books so anytime i took one out to use it they would all topple over. so when i found this basket at the thrift store for $3 i was stoked. it fits perfectly, looks tidy and displays all the books nicely. i also can use it for picnics if i want to strap it to my bike rack. so handy. 
  • my milk glass vases and the gold framed mirror were also thrifted. i was wanting a change on the book shelf for a while so these were the perfect fix. for just a couple bucks each they brighten up what used to be a boring shelf. now i can check my hair and make up before i leave the house! 
  • my bathroom counter was SO cluttered before i repurposed my cake stand. i found it on clearance at a little store in the mall that was closing earlier this year. i decided that when i wasn't using it for displaying desserts (which has only been once by the way), that i would use it in the bathroom. it has been so much easier to store my toiletries & jewelry that i use everyday. 
  • and last, but definitely not least is our lovely new desk chair. it was gifted to us from patrick and mary and we love it! our other chair was from ikea and while the seat itself was comfortable it didn't provide much back support. it also reclined very easily so a lot of our friends would innocently recline back expecting it to eventually stop, which it didn't. luckily no one ever fell, but some definitely came close. we are so in love with our new chair. thanks to our good friends. if you love thrifting head over to their blog. it's awesome. 
sometimes i get tired of our set up and i feel the need to change things up. sometimes it's hanging up some new art or photos. sometimes it's repurposing things i already have. sometimes it's painting a piece of furniture. thrift stores and discounts are always a good option too if you are on a budget. i mean, who isn't? just because you can't shop at pottery barn doesn't mean you can't have a home that is decorated to your taste and style. it just takes a little more creativity.


thrift store addict said...

you're house looks AWESOME, amy! i love all the decor and im so glad you guys like the chair! it looks good in your house. and i am SOOOO jealous you got those pillows!

and thanks for all your kind words about me and patrick and my blog. you guys are the best :)

Erin said...

could you just come and decorate my house...that would be great, thanks!

Whit said...

ditto the other comments. my house has much need for your magic hand! Miss you guys!!!