Friday, August 24, 2012

bus ride to the county fair

we went to the county fair with our good friends patrick and mary. there is a great deal that we found out about where you park at the bus station, ride for $3 round trip and get a coupon for $2 entry to the fair. so instead of wasting our gas and paying for parking and a $10 entrance fee we opted for the "oc fair express". now i am not proud of this, but this was my first EVER public bus ride. i have taken the metro in dc & trax in salt lake, but never a city bus. i will admit, it was totally awesome. plus we had a/c, great company & we didn't have to fight traffic or find a parking spot. we got dropped off right at the entrance. it's safe to say that we will never be going to the fair any other way!
we had so much fun. we ate fried food. we drank lemonade. we did hick-ish things like watch a demolition derby & gawk at farm animals. mary and i somehow coordinated our outfits... even our toe polish matched! we saw a hypnotist. we ate funnel cakes & ice cream cones. we walked around the photography exhibit. we people watched. we ate even when we weren't hungry. we saw a creative home exhibit. thanks to patrick and mary for inviting us. we had a blast. we might just have to make this a mulroney/rex family tradition!

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his little lady said...

how adorable, and what fun! i love county fairs! hoping the mister and i will be able to do that next week before the summer ends.
xo TJ