Monday, August 13, 2012

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here i am at the start of another week. lately life has slowed down just a bit. it feels so refreshing. tyler and i have needed the alone time. just us two. it's hard to not become disconnected when jobs take us in opposite directions most days of the week. i think when we finally get into a normal routine,when the dust settles, we will look back and be grateful. i know i will. i feel like while the last couple months have been a roller coaster, they have made me realize just how precious love is. just how precious tyler is to me. 

time with just us two will only become harder and harder to come by as our family grows & life continues to change. but i am grateful for this time i have had to learn how to juggle. the time i've had to learn to make time for what is really important. as i reflect back on the past few months i can think of a lot of things that didn't go my way, things that i thought would happen, but didn't. but i don't want to think in terms of what might have been, instead i'll think of how we have picked ourselves back up and continued to have faith. faith in God, faith in life, faith in ourselves.

our weekend was nice. the county fair with mary and patrick. the jlo & enrique concert with the dicksons.  church and spending the entire day together. just us. so so so nice. we even fell asleep cuddling on the couch. oh my heart. this is seriously my favorite thing ever. laughing until your stomach hurts and laughing again. sometimes your heart just needs to feel so slap happy that you laugh at laughing. that's just what i needed. 

there is no end all for happiness in life. many times i have thought "i will be happy when ---------". i used to think that marriage was the key to all happiness in life. like it was some magic thing? i thought "once i'm married my life is complete and i'll be blissfully happy". hmmm... wrong! everyday you have to make the choice to be happy. no one or no possession can provide everlasting happiness that never leaves. happiness is a constant pursuit. it is something i will never stop fighting for. there is no perfect destination in life. i've realized that it's the moments along the way & the people who you spend those moments with that truly matter.

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