Monday, June 4, 2012

lunch break

just in case you didn't know, tyler and i work for the same company. we both work for my father's sign company, CenSource, Inc. we like being able to see each other throughout the day even though he is out workin' hard in the shop building things and being manly. while i sit in my air conditioned office in front of my painfully slow computer doing paperwork, answering calls, paying bills & sending invoices. as you can imagine such a job can get a little claustrophobic for a gal like me. i have to get out of my office sometimes (okay, you caught me... pretty much everyday) & go get some yummy lunch to make me feel like i'm still human and not a robot. luckily i have a really cute buddy to tag along with me.
so last week we hit up jerry's dogs. it is a fantastic little hot dog joint that we went to long long ago when we were first dating with some dear dear friends, mike & jessett. i didn't used to be a big fan of hot dogs. i mean, i like them to the extent that most americans like them... baseball games, bbqs, bonfires at the beach. but tyler LOVES hot dogs. like seriously LOVES them. when he was little his brother used to call him hoto because little tyler used to ask for "hoto's" (aka hot dogs) so often. i think it's really cute actually.
his mom told me that she used to find him eating frozen hot dogs that he scavenged out of the freezer. i can totally picture it. what a cutie. anyway, now that i am married to a hot dog lovin' man i myself have become a hot dog lover. so from time to time we stop in a jerry's and enjoy a delicious dog. i think of mike & jessett and how wonderful it was to fall in love with tyler. 

speaking of tyler. i just want to say that i really love him. like really love him. a lot. lately, since my heart has been a little more tender, i find that my time spent with him is more precious. 
i find myself cherishing his presence a little more. 
sometimes marriage isn't easy. sometimes we argue. but the sweetness is so very sweet. the love is so very real and i feel so lucky to have it. i am so blessed. so very blessed.  


His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, seriously nothing is worse than a extremely slow computer! i love that you and your mister work together. you both are just too cute!
xo TJ

Shalise said...

I am so glad I just found out that you have a blog! This is Shalise, Adam's wife. He follows you on instagram and I saw that you posted a link to your blog on there. Seriously awesome blog, so inspiring. P.S. you look amazing, even eating a hotdog, that is just not fair.