Wednesday, June 6, 2012

happy birthday

my wonderful brother in law greg turned 24. to celebrate we had a bbq over at the irwin's house, sang at a local karaoke studio (jj's music studio in la habra) and ate birthday cake. my baby sister danielle made a delicious cake complete with peanut butter frosting filling. she is becoming quite the baker. 

thanks for letting us celebrate with you greg! we love you!
side note... greg just got an internship to work with disney as an engineer! yah folks, DISNEY! we are so very proud of him. also, how pretty is my sis?  

  • signing piano man & candle in the wind with my dad
  • watching greg's dad, rich, dance
  • seeing greg & his brother robbie do the "single ladies" dance
  • danielle's scrumptious cake
  • the wigs. seriously funny!

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