Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day

my papa, tim

my father in law, judd

tyler's late grandpa melvin

my late grandpa jack

my grandpa larry
today i am thinking about the father's in my life. the men who i have looked up to. the men who have taught me things, even when they didn't know i was watching. today i am grateful for all of my "fathers". i miss my grandpa jack and grandpa mel. i was only 8 when jack passed away... i miss him everyday. i didn't get to know mel for very long, but he was a wonderful example to me.

grandpa jack, i miss eating oranges with you. i miss your swedish pancakes & your back scratches. i miss the sight of you in your chair reading the newspaper. i miss standing by your side in your work shop & the smell of wood shavings. i am still your sweetheart & i love you. 

grandpa mel, i never knew you when you were well, but i know you were a wonderful man. you worked hard & provided a good life for your family. we all miss you. i miss your big blue eyes & your kind smile. 

to the men who are still here with me & bless my life continually, thank you for being a father to me. thank you for loving me. i will always be grateful for you. 

happy father's day!

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