Thursday, June 7, 2012

date night: where it all began

 on friday my little sweetheart planned a little date night for just us. we go out just the two of us quite often, but the planning usually goes a little something like this...
him: "hey, so, where do you want to eat?"
her: "i don't know, where do you want to eat?"
him: "um... the usual places. you know what i like."
her: "okay let's go to ....(insert restaurant name here)"
so i guess those are still considered date nights, but i have to admit there is something much more exciting about a date that someone plans for you. i worried a little more about what i wore, gave him extra kisses and just relished in those moments together. 
he is really a great man & it was a great night. 
dinner at the crab cooker, sunset boat cruise and balboa bars. mmmm. so good. so, so good. 
balboa is a happy place for me. i used to go there as a kid with my family & i've made some great memories there with tyler also. which brings me to the photo below...

now, you may wonder what i was trying to capture when i snapped this photo. i'm not even really sure what it is. an electrical or plumbing box maybe? i don't really know nor do i care, to me it's the place where our love started. we were on a big group date in june 2006. my date bailed and tyler's date ignored him most of the night. we sat there and chatted for what seemed like hours. later that week he asked me out to the dodger game. we became friends over the coming months and then in october he asked me out again. a couple weeks later we kissed, a couple weeks after that he told me he loved me & the rest is history.
my how things may have turned out differently if his date paid more attention to him & if my date was actually present. i'm glad it was him. i can't imagine myself with anyone else. 

balboa fun zone... you will always have a special place in this girl's heart.


Jeff and Kira said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like an awesome date night.

Noell said...

What a cute story of how it all began! And what a fun date night! Tyler needs to give Jace some tips on planning surprise date nights like that! ;)

Eden Uyehara said...

I miss sea food! Everything looks good!!!

Hope you have a beautiful day!!
XoXo Eden