Monday, June 18, 2012

san diego part V: lefty's & pat's

tyler was done taking photos...

before we headed back to orange county we stopped in at lefty's for some pizza. then we headed to a little thrift store on the corner. we've driven by pat's many times and i have always wanted to go in. i scored this darling serving dish for a whopping $2... i almost passed it by, but luckily it caught my eye just before i was about to move on to another part of the store. when pat told me it was only 2 bucks i could hardly believe it. i was SO ecstatic! 

although it was a short trip it really was nice. i have really grown to love alone time with tyler. maybe it's because i know one day we will have kids & i hear so many of our friends with children talk about how rare time alone is. i'm just glad we have time together & that we can use this time before the kiddos come along to really strengthen our love for one another. 

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