Wednesday, March 21, 2012

waiting for more marshmallows

i am waiting for my second marshmallow. i don't know when i am going to get it. the wait could be a month or a year. i just know that i have to wait. this is not always an easy concept for me. i am not very good at being patient. it is something i have to work at and although i have improved i still have a long way to go. 

i am so grateful for my membership in the church and for the gospel principles. i am grateful for the little reminders that i really need. i am grateful that general conference is coming up and that i can receive guidance and inspiration from my trusted leaders. where would i be without them?

ever since i first watched this video, whenever i get impatient, i think to myself... "amy, why eat your marshmallow now when you can have handfuls of marshmallows in just a short while?"... so i'll wait just a little longer.

and universe, just in case you were wondering, amy rex is ready for her marshmallows now. or so i think. it's really not up to me though, is it?


Jeff and Kira said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing! And I admire you for having a good attitude (or at least trying your best to) about things :)

Megan said...

Amy, thank you thank you for sharing this! What a beautiful message. One that I absolutely needed to here today. Being a mother is a wonderful blessing and a big challenge day in and day out. Patience is a virtue that can be most difficult sometimes. This post was an answer to a prayer, an unexpected answer.