Monday, March 26, 2012

heaven is (almost) here

some of you may recall that one of my resolutions this year is reading five (5) books. i have decided i am going to read "heaven is here" by stephanie nielson as part of that goal. and today, on barnes and noble you can pre-order her book for 50% off. she is such an inspiration to so many women and i am grateful to have been introduced to her blog some time ago. i so enjoy hearing her fun stories and seeing what her lovely family is up to.

A little about her... "I am: Returning from a near-fatal airplane crash, burned 80% of my body, and will have surgeries for the rest of my life. Probably. But I am alive. I cherish Mr. Nielson, Claire, Jane, Oliver, and Nicholas."

she is also expecting a little girl. if you read her blog and hear her story there is no way you wont want to read this book. i am so excited. with general conference coming this weekend & then this lovely coming just a few days later i will be up to my eyes in inspiration.

i. cant. wait.

find out more about stephanie here.

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Luxembourg said...

This book illustrates the strength that comes from faith in God, in family and in yourself. It makes my everyday problems seem extremely petty and helps me put into perspective what is truy important. Thanks for sharing your unbelievable experiences!