Tuesday, March 13, 2012

remember this?

brylee sue clausen... just one day old.
today is one of those days where i have read one too many blogs about being a mom, birth stories and raising children. it makes me want my own little bundle of joy to ooh and ahh over. to snuggle. to stare at.
all. day. long. i revel in the thought for a moment.
then i think i have so much to do or to see before i take on that responsibility. i want to be better before i have to raise a little human being. i don't want my child to get my bad habits. what if i mess this whole mom thing up? i feel like my mind changes everyday. oh, wouldn't it be nice if God just gave me a list of to-do's & specifies the order in which he wants me to do them?
i love that brylee looks me in the face and knows me. i am so grateful to her for her sweetness & the love that she brings into so many people's lives. i am so happy to be her aunt. i am so excited to watch her grow & that i get to see her often.
someday i will have my very own baby look me in the eyes and know me. that someday will be the best day.
oh someday. someday. someday.


kate said...

Yeah I thought we had a lot to do before babies for a second but then I couldn't think of anything that trumped having a baby! I figure we've still got a little while before they're old enough to realize we have no idea what we're doing, right?

Erin said...

you guys will make the best parents, i keep waiting for you to announce one of your own. If I didn't have a kid till I fixed all my bad habits, I would never have children. But having children has corrected LOTS of my bad habits because I see that Brady will say something or do something he saw us do and then he calls us out if I tell him it's bad. You will be AMAZING! if we all waited till we were ready and perfect then there would be no babies!