Thursday, March 8, 2012

i'm not giving up

so the last time i tried to paint a piece of furniture it was an epic fail. we spent money on a bunch of paint, sand paper and brushes and attempted to refinish our kitchen table & chairs. it did not turn out the way we planned. so when i set out to paint our tv stand i was hesitant.

i love the new set up. i rearranged the bookshelf, reorganized the coffee table, which used to hold the games and instead made the red basket, which used to hold the blankets, into the game basket. it just feels like a whole new room. i also went to trader joes, cleaned the house... even the shower, made dinner and went running. 

am i ready to relax in the corner of my couch? 

yes. yes i am. 


and after.....


Kelly said...

It looks great!!! Way to go!

This post kind of came at a funny time... We just tried refinishing our kitchen table this week and it is a total FAIL!!!!!!! I was so mad about it that I decided to redo our coffee table instead. I was getting so tired of it all but your post has given me the extra push I needed... Thanks!!!

Shelley said...

Looks great!!