Wednesday, August 6, 2014

rockwell's blessing day

rockwell was given a name and a blessing in our ward on sunday, august 3, 2014. it was such a perfect day. he slept well the night before so we all got a good night sleep and i made all the food the day before so that i wouldn't be stressed out. i also made sure i pumped a bottle so that i wouldn't have to leave the meeting if he got hungry and set out my clothes the night before so that i could get ready quickly.

i fed him just before we left for church so he ended up being super calm and happy during the blessing and then fell asleep in my arms as soon as tyler was done with the blessing. tyler did a great job giving him a beautiful blessing. it was a very happy experience for our little family.

we were blessed to have a lot of family come and support us, it was so wonderful. afterwards we had dinner with our immediate family. rockwell was held and happy all day. he was SO good. we were all so happy about it. i've been dreaming about the day we would bless our first baby for so long and i can hardly believe that it has already come and gone.

rockwell is such a good boy and we are so happy to have him in our family. he makes us smile everyday and keeps us on our toes and we love it!

here is a note i wrote in my phone the morning of his blessing...


Today is your blessing day. Its 6:04 am and you're eating. I'm just thinking about you. What pictures were going to take, how you'll be during your blessing and how much i love you. I'm thinking about how you'll wear the same blanket i did when i was blessed 27 years ago. Thinking about how grandpa Larry is in the hospital so he won't be able to come. Thinking about how i had a dream that he and grandma surprised us and came to the church. Thinking about how time flies and how i want to vividly remember you at this very moment as you hum while you eat and hold onto me with your clammy little hands. Thinking about how i want to remember how your belly hangs over your diaper like a muffin top because you have a big thick wide torso like your dad and papa rex. Thinking about how you smile as your falling asleep or how you rolled over at the age of 6 weeks. I'm thinking about how many people love you, love us and would do anything for us. I'm thinking about your dad, who loves you so perfectly and has wanted you since i can remember. Tears run down my face. Today he will will use the priesthood & give you a name and a blessing and some special men will stand around you. I know that Heavenly Father and the Savior love you and that the spirit will be there. Rockwell i love you. I love your perfect little face, your cheeks, your little button nose and your spunky smile! Oh and i even love it when you snore! You are my sweet son and i prayed for you for so long. Thank you for coming to our family and into my arms. You are an answer to my prayers and i am so happy to be your mama!

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