Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year, a new sun rises

trusting in something that you cannot see is not always the easiest thing to do. relying on the Lord and trusting in his timing is part of life. it's important. it's completely necessary. but that doesn't mean that it comes naturally. for me, it took a lot of prayer. a lot of studying. a lot of pondering.

early saturday morning i drove into the desert with my sweetheart. as the sun rose and i gazed out the window at the clouds in the sky and the light streaming through i couldn't help but wonder what life has in store for us. so many things unsure, so many things undecided.

i am thrilled to say that i am sure about something. that we have decided to change our lives. in 2013 the sun will rise... and for us it will be rising in las vegas, nevada. tyler has accepted a job and we could not be more excited for this new adventure for our family.

although there have been times over the last year that were dark, i now appreciate more than ever the rise of the sun. now that i can see the big picture i realize why things happened when they did. trusting in God's plan for us was difficult sometimes. we saw other friends get that job or have that baby or buy that house. sometimes i wondered what we were doing wrong. sometimes i wondered if we would ever be able to have the type of life that we wanted.

but i trusted God enough to let him lead us where He wanted us to go. He knew what we needed, exactly when we needed it. i am so so so grateful for the blessings that have been bountifully bestowed upon tyler and i. my heart is so full. i have so much joy in my heart.

we will miss our friends and family in california SO much. but we are just a quick trip away and now will be in between family in utah and california. we can't wait to see what las vegas has in store for us!

now to find a place, pack and actually move it all. let the fun begin!


Jasmine said...

Congrats on the new job! Where will he be working? If you need any help finding a place, we know some good areas. (We also have a good friend who is a realtor there -- he helped us find our condo when we lived there.)

Good luck! This is really exciting. Change is hard, but sometimes a fresh start is just what you need to keep moving forward. I like your sunrise connection.

Let me know if I can help with anything!

Kelly Wright said...

That is so awesome!!!! Congratulations!!! What's Tyler going to be doing? My brother and his family live in Henderson and they love it! I have a friend there, too! Let me know if you want me to hook you up with any of them for tips on finding a place to live. Man, I'm so jealous! Good luck!