Saturday, January 26, 2013

a farewell party

before we left for vegas it was really important to me to see as many loved ones as possible. my parents graciously hosted a little get together at their home the night before we headed out. it was SO good to see these people. i can't really express adequately how much all of them mean to me. seeing their sweet faces is the thing i miss the most. in fact, writing this is the first time i have cried since moving a week ago. 
that's the only thing that makes this place seem strange, the lack of the people around me that i know and love. everyday i can't wait for tyler to come home from work so i have someone to talk to! it's weird knowing i can't just call my family or friends and meet up for lunch or a movie night. now i am forced to make friends and get out of my comfort zone. i am sure there are fun people to be met at church. that is my only hope! 
thank you to everyone that came to see us off and who continue to support us in our life choices. you know who you are and i hope you know we love you more than words can say. you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday and i miss you more than you know. even though this is hard on my tender heart i know that this is where God wants us to be. that brings me great comfort whenever i start to get a little sad. He is with us always if we seek him. He is my guiding light and my strength. 

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I'm in love with your blog, so nice :)


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