Friday, January 25, 2013

leaving california

it was really tough to pack everything up and leave our very first apartment. it was long and tiring, but we had a lot of helpers along the way. one of the things i was excited for was to purge myself of unnecessary things. this meant that we made a few trips to the donation bin, but it also meant selling my car (tyler drives a company car now). my sweet little mazda 3. the first car i bought when i graduated high school. my baby.

it was a great little car and it still is. luckily we sold it to my sister's in laws and they told us we can come visit whenever we want! i will miss that car, just watching it drive away was sad. seeing our apartment completely empty was sad too. surreal.

but something about this moves just feels right. we are trusting in Heavenly Father's timing and in His plan for us. sometimes it's not easy leaving something behind, but it is necessary. we both know that las vegas is where we are meant to be and so far we are loving it!

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Danielle Irwin said...

Man I am a good packer and a good saleswomen!:) haha