Sunday, January 20, 2013

my life in instagram

so we are still alive. we have had an incredibly busy month. 

i second shot a wedding. 
the next day we left for utah, with 3 hours of sleep.
we stopped in vegas for tyler's interview. 
he got a job offer. 
he signed the deal. 
we spent new years in utah with family & friends. 
we drove home to so cal on new years day. 
we drove back to vegas a few days later to look for a place to live. 
we drove back to california. 
we got approved to rent a condo in summerlin. 
we packed up what seemed like a million boxes. 
loaded a 26' truck. 
said goodbye to our friends and family. 
drove to las vegas. 
unloaded the truck. 

now we are here. our bed is up and so is our sofa. oh and also our internet and cable. we pay attention to the necessities around here. it's nice to be here. tyler's parents and sister came to help us so it has felt like home having them here with us. it will be strange when they leave. but it will also be nice to establish a new life here and a new routine. tyler is really excited for his new job as a territory manager for ecolab and i am excited for my retirement before we become parents. no, i'm not making an announcement, that's just what is next for us. 

sorry i've been absent, but moving stinks! i'll be updating the blog with all of our adventures from the past month or so in between un packing boxes and getting organized.  

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