Monday, August 1, 2011

guess what?

Tyler's sister Jessica and her Husband Mike became foster parents again today. Earlier today they picked up a 3 week old baby girl. It isn't for sure that they will keep her permanently (the social workers are still checking out family members), but things look promising. Her given name is Summer, if they keep her they will probably give her a name that they have chosen. I sure hope she can stay. She is a real cutie and seeing her older brothers with her is really special.

Did I mention that today is Aaron's 5th birthday? What a wonderful gift.

We couldn't be happier to have all these new little ones added to our family. We got Emerson Stone Smith a couple weeks ago, Summer today and Kimberly is due to have her baby this Saturday. 3 babies in 3 weeks!


Laura said...

So much love!! She's so tiny and adorable!

Jeff and Kira said...

So cute! I love babies! And the second to last picture on this post is SO sweet!