Friday, March 25, 2011

Pure Insanity

When we got home from Vegas on Saturday night Tyler left with his buddies to stay with our cousin Christina down in LA. She lives just down the hill from Dodger stadium where the starting line was. The beginning of the race wasn't bad. Supposedly it was actually enjoyable for the first 15 miles or so, even with some rain. But after that, when it got colder, windier and the rain got heavier, it wasn't quite as exciting. Joints locked up, shivering ensued and goal times got farther and farther away. BUT, they all finished. Tyler and his 3 friends all took a little longer than they had hoped, but they all stuck it out. Me and two of the other faithful wives stuck it out at mile marker 15 and then headed to the chaos that was the finish line. Basically the finish line area looked like the location of a natural disaster. Shivering, crying, limping bodies looking desperately for familiar faces as they walk 5 blocks to the family reunion area. The set up was unbelievably stupid. We stood at the finish line for a couple hours in the worst part of the storm. We were SO happy that we eventually found our husbands. The rest of the day was spent in traffic trying to get back to Christina's to get Tyler's stuff & then back home where I could finally change into clean, dry clothes.

It was not a very fun day. I wish Tyler had chosen to do a different marathon. LA was just terribly set up at the finish. He says he will never do one again, but I don't know if that will change in the years to come. He did it and I am proud of him. He is a strong man and I am lucky to have a man that never gives up. Even when the rain and wind crash down he just keeps on pushing through life. I'm grateful for that, but I am also grateful for the sunny days.

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Precia said...

Tyler looks awesome!! I am so proud!