Friday, March 11, 2011

ex. cite. ment.

tonight my older sister finds out if she's giving me a nephew or a niece.

its warm and sunny here in So Cal.

did some sewing last night and didn't screw up too badly.

lost 3 lbs when I weighed in this week. Hopefully the trend continues and I can stick to my goals. I get a "prize" for every 5 lbs I lose. Let's just say I can't buy ANY more clothing until I lose 20. It can't come soon enough.

tyler is back to his normal self and is healing at a superhuman pace. The Doctor gave him the go ahead to run the marathon.

planning on riding bikes to the park for a picnic tomorrow. SO excited to dust Ruby off and get her outside again.

i'm getting a lot out of my photography class and I'm finally learning stuff that I have always wanted to learn. HUGE smile on my face and butterflies about getting into photography again. Let me know if you want a shoot for a steal of a price. I want to get back to business!

sitting in my office listening to birds chirping and iron & wine pandora radio

having a baby niece/nephew that lives within 8 minutes. it's seriously heartbreaking to watch my niece in Hawaii sing twinkle twinkle little star on skype and know that she barely knows who I am.


Megan said...

So glad Tyler is doing better! And way to go on meeting so many of your goals. I'm currently working on getting back into shape. I'm doing the same thing u r, by rewarding myself along the way. I want to go shopping for all new clothes so bad, but I really must wait until I reach my ultimate goal. It will be fun to see you guys at Regan's wedding!

Ashley and Blake said...

Seems like things are going well! I'm so happy to hear it! So what is Kim having? I like your idea of a prize for every 5 lbs. Maybe I should do that. It's about time I get back into shape! Too bad we don't live closer so you could make me work out!!! Maybe we can have you do a shoot for Brody for his 6 months. It would be about another month or so, but what would you charge?