Tuesday, January 7, 2014

i think i always knew

today i decided to stop by our storage unit and put away our christmas decorations. while i was there i thought i'd grab the box of baby stuff i've been saving for the past few years. i got home, opened the box and pulled out outfit after outfit, realizing that all but two were for a boy. maybe i always knew i'd have a boy first. i cannot wait to put our sweet little boy in these clothes!!!

then today i stopped by gap maternity and came up empty handed, so i walked into baby gap and found SO many cute things on sale. i picked up these little gems and i love them! these are the first things i've bought since i found out the gender, hopefully i can withstand the temptation until after our baby showers!

in other news, i started feeling the baby kick last week! everyday i wait for him to move around. it's just flutters, like someone gently tapping my belly from the inside. it is seriously magical.

i love it!

18 week bump


Shelley said...

That's adorable that you already bought clothes! I wish I had done that because now I'm scrounging lol.

Laura said...

Awesome! Some people complain that all the cute clothes are for girls, but boys have cute stuff too. Boys are so fun!

shira said...

We are gonna find out on Saturday! Hoping Rocky's best friend is a boy! =)
P.s. it's seriously been forever! what is out with this dry spill, we need to hang out soon! xoxo