Thursday, January 23, 2014

the day he was born

i seriously do not even know where to start. today is tyler's 29th birthday! to say that i love him is an understatement. i am SO insanely thankful that he was born those 29 years ago and that he was raised to be the man that he is. he isn't perfect by any means, but he is mine and i couldn't be happier about it. i love him so dearly for everything that he is. we may be different in so many ways, but he is such an amazing person to be with and i love him every minute of every day.

today as i was driving home from running errands and it was triple play on a random radio station that i never listen to. they just so happened to play three U2 songs in a row. U2 is tyler's favorite band of all time, so of course i thought about tyler the entire time the songs played. it was nice to just sit and think about him and how if he was in the car with me he would have turned up the volume just as loud. he makes me smile. i love him.

i decided to go through some of our photos and post some of my favorite memories of him throughout the years. it was so much fun thinking about all the things we have done, places we have gone and how many people that we love have shared in those memories. we have had such a wonderful life together and i cannot wait to see what new adventures we get to experience as our family grows. i am so excited to see tyler take on the role of father. it is going to be SO much fun!!!

i love tyler for a lot of reasons, here are a few...

his faith
his encouragement
his stature - tall, dark and extremely handsome
his smile
the way he holds my hand
his laugh that crinkles his nose
the way he lights up when he talks about playing sports
the way he loves food
his cuddles
his kisses
his worthiness to hold the priesthood
the way he loves me
his taste in music and movies
his athletic abilities
his willingness to give
his hugs
because he dances with me
he loves the ocean
he likes to be active
he supports me in my endeavors
because he is the best!

happy birthday tyler, i LOVE you!!!

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