Sunday, November 17, 2013

oh baby baby

and now the big reveal...

baby rex coming soon! it feels SO good to get this out in the open. keeping it a secret for 12 weeks has been pure torture. we've told our families and now we are shouting it from the roof tops. 

baby rex is coming the first week of june... and we couldn't be happier about it! 

a special thanks to everyone who has supported and loved us through this last year. we have gone through a lot and we know that because of your thoughts and prayers we have been able to keep our eyes towards heaven and trust in our Heavenly Father. we know that this baby is and will continue to be a blessing in our lives and we can't wait for he or she to meet all the lovely people here on earth that helped their parents become who we are today. 


Jessica Druck said...

I just can't stop being excited! You look beautiful!!

Laura said...

aaahhhh! yay!!! such a CUTE idea for pictures!!!! I'm so so so excited!!! I hope you are feeling well.