Tuesday, November 29, 2011


today has been a rough day. and i fear that it isn't over yet. bad news keeps on coming and my brain works less and less as the minutes pass. 

it's days like this when i need to be grateful for moments like these...

 on a rainy sunday. 
wearing our new beanies. 

we had a bit of kissin' to do. 

man i love this boy.

isn't he cute? 

the weather is getting colder around here & this means more snuggling on long winter nights. 

i. love. it.

and hopefully i will burn off all this negative energy in spin class tonight. if i get to the gym & spin is canceled you might just see me sitting in the corner crying. seriously. 

1 comment:

shira said...

awwwww. love you guys! i captured those adorable moments ;)