Tuesday, November 1, 2011

wake up to fall


last night aunt steph and i went on a cost plus shopping adventure. we found this magical tea. it's caffeine free and it smells deliciously like fall. mmmmmm. when i left for work this morning i knew it would be chilly... perfect weather for a hot cup of tea. so i got into my office and brewed me some tea. now it smells like fall in here. 
it smells like i want to turn right back around and go home to snuggle in my down comforter while i read a book and then proceed to drift to sleep. 
by the way... we just brought the comforter back from it's summer quarters (under the bed in it's bag). i always get so excited to bring it out again... that means it's getting colder and that means Christmas is coming! 

have a happy day. i might just be brewing tea all day. 

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