Thursday, November 3, 2011

us against the world

photo of our cozy little bedroom

before the rush of the day, before chores, before school, before to-do lists or studying.  just the silent morning and the love that exists in this big bed. i didn't need an alarm to wake me, just tyler's cuddle. we chatted in bed as the sun beamed through the window. i made us eggs and toast. we drank orange juice. i listened to the new coldplay album as i did the dishes and tidied up the apartment while tyler scurried off to campus. i put away the folded laundry. i made the bed. i listened to the birds chirp. i breathed in the simple things of life that bring me joy. tyler, i love you. i know that i get worried & anxious about the future. the truth is that if i did nothing but live in this little apartment and re-live this same morning everyday for the rest of my life i would be satisfied, simply because you are by my side.


Adam said...

I remember waking up next to Tyler myself and let me tell you, I totally agree ;)

Precia said...

Amy you are so sweet! And I love your bed.

jules said...

Amy this post made me cry, in a good way. :) Its the small and simple things right? Love you. -Julia