Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i'm a little weird


most people that know me, know that i am a little weird. kind of picky, anal or particular. i really try to be easy going, but it sometimes takes a conscious effort to do so. i am a planner, an organizer and i like things the way i like them. so as you can imagine i am the kind of person who sometimes gets in the mood to clean. 

i bought the multi-purpose cleaner from trader joes on saturday and i am in love. it smells amazing, it works great and hey, it got me excited about cleaning. so i went to work on my apartment the other night.
i kind of felt like monica. i even cleaned my vacuum during above mentioned cleaning spree. some may think i am kind of a sad human being, i on the other hand take pride in my tidiness. 

happy cleaning friends!

1 comment:

shira said...

haha, i love you amy...even if you tend to be...particular!