Friday, September 16, 2011

loving this

I'm a little grumpy as I sit here at my desk wishing it was quitin' time already.

But don't you worry about me, I am getting excited as I look out my window and see gray skies and no sunshine. Sounds depressing to some, but to me it means that fall is coming and this, for me, is very exciting.

This means I can start wearing my cardigans again (without sweating like a beast). I can also wear my boots, tights and socks again. Ahhh... I LOVE the fall. I cannot wait for trader joe's apple cider, candy corn and pumpkins.

If you're wondering, I will definitely be putting out my fall decor by September 23rd (the day Autumn begins)... but let's be real here, it will most likely happen before then.

Yesterday as I was walking to my car after dinner I got this surge of excitement and I thought "Why am I excited right now?" and then it hit me... I was snuggling into my sweater as the cool breeze hit me. Then I realized... the cold weather means the holidays are coming.


I. can't. wait.

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Whit said...

Can I just say... I got the SAME surge of excitement this past week!!! I am very lucky because fall here in Ohio is beautiful and means apple picking, apple pie and other holiday baking, fall scents like cinnamon cider, sweatshirts and comfy clothes... definitely loving life! (I would say college football too, but both my teams lost yesterday. Not going there right now...)