Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i'm not so sure that this is going to work


Yesterday after work I pitched an idea to Tyler. I decided we should try to not eat out for an entire week. 7. whole. days. Eating out is bad for our wallets as well as our waistlines so we thought we would give it a try and see how we handle it.

This is going to be rough. We really enjoy eating out, especially on the weekends after we've worked hard all week long. And as the head chef of the household I'm trying to keep the meals simple so I don't become overwhelmed with the task of cooking everyday. For 7 days!

Wish us luck. We started last night and we will finish monday night and probably celebrate our accomplishment by eating out that evening.

By the way, just doing this post made me seriously hungry & now I really want Yogurtland.



Janica said...

My tip that helped is to plan for something fun or new for dinner on the weekends. Then you get excited for it.

Laura said...

You can do it! Have Tyler help with dishes, or use disposable plates. Looking at a dirty kitchen makes me want to eat out.

Ruth said...

Hello there!
I had so much fun talking to you to!
While reading your blog I noticed we have similar taste in clothes. Like we could dress up on twin day if we wanted.
Good luck on your food quest. You can totally do it! But i would never count yogurtland as eating out!!
I mean C'mon!
P.s If you cook, Husband should totally be on clean up!

Jessica Druck said...

haha love the last line. Love ya!