Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get Fit!

So sorry that I haven't posted a blog in a while. There has been a lot going on around these parts. Shira has been getting on me about not posting so I thought I would. School is busy as the semester comes to an end. Tyler and I are both planning on taking one or two summer classes so our summer will be eventful! haha. I wanted to update you all on what we have been doing. My baby sister Danielle and I ran in teh get fit 5k on April 19th and that was really fun! My older sister Kimberly and cousin Tiffany walked it and it was good to be out and doing something active. I think my favorite part of the run was the first mile and crossing the finish line. I was really happy to be running with my sister. She used to run a lot before her knee went out and she was on track to do a marathon, but after the half marathon she had to stop because of her knee. I was happy to be the person to run with her for the first race in a long time.

Above is a picture of all of us after the race. So gorgeous aren't we? haha. We got to see some of our friends too! We saw Becky at the starting point, Jared Rummler passed us, and we saw Jared's dad too. It was cool! After the race we all went back to our house and ate breakfast and watched Juno! The girls hadn't seen it yet and I needed to change that!

Tyler was at Long Beach State playing all day in a Volleyball tournament for institute. He had a fun team and he really enjoyed playing and I made it to watch the last couple games. They made it all the way to the finals and lost against the long beach team. It was a good, active day!

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Devin and Shira said...

haha. it's about time you update your blog! i'm so glad i got to see you when i came home. your apartment is super cute!!! i love you and i miss you!