Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sweet Life

A couple weekends ago we got to go to Balboa with some of our friends. We ate way too much at BJ's Pizza and got crazy with the pizookies. We walked around at the funzone, took the ferrie over to Balboa Island and walked around looking at the amazingly adorable houses. We also went to the candy shop! It
was good times for sure. I think we all kind of felt like little kids again! It is always a lovely time being down by the beach with good people surrounding us. Tyler and I are blessed with good friends who are close. We get to see our family and friends often which is important to us.
All in all we have many good things in our lives. I have been working full time and going to school part time at night. It has been really hard and Tyler and I both know that it will be better if I can work less so that I will have more time for school and studying. I decided to give my two weeks notice to Berrett Pest Management. I am not sure what job I will be getting. This isn't a normal thing for me. I have a planner, I plan things, and I don't just quit a job unless I have a plan. But I know that Heavenly father and my friends and family want me to be happy. I knew that the next step towards getting a new job and feeling a little less like my life was taken from me by work and school was to give my two weeks notice. I was really nervous, but everything is fine. I have a very peaceful feeling that everything will work out. I have the Lord on my side and I can and will be blessed as long as I keep the faith. This is something a little foreign to me because I always have a plan, very rarely do I just walk by faith without knowing exactly how things will turn out. I believe that the older I get and the more often I step back and think, the more I notice that life forces you to do things you never thought were possible. How greatful I am for that. I wouldn't be the person I am today if that wasn't the case.


Neal & Wendy said...

Hey! We're happy to have run across your blog! Hope the two of you are seem happy and healthy! Great to read about you!

Devin and Shira said...

fun! i wanna go to that candy store!

Olsen Family said...

Amy... I found your cute blog through Jessica. It's so good to see how you and tyler are doing, even though we've never met. We will be moving there soon so it will be fun to meet you. Your blog is so fun. And your little family looks so happy!

Diania said...

And I found your blog through Christina, my sister. We met last year when we came to San Diego. I'm your cousin with the cute baby Finn.