Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So I got to go on a Rex girls weekend get away a couple weeks back and I wanted to share some of the pictures! On thursday night Cindy and I began our journey by heading to the long beach airport and we arrived on time to Oakland which is more than we can say for Jessica. Her plane was like an hour and a half late and she was meeting us in Oakland from Washington! Julia was on time from Utah though! Cindy, julia, and I went to get the rental car while waiting for Jessica and finally we arrived back at the airport to pick her up. We got a sweet little jeep so that was fun! Thursday night we stayed up way too late and friday was sight seeing in the city.

Friday night we headed to Pleasanton to stay closer to where Kristens baby shower was the next day. Saturday was a good day meeting new people from Kristens side of the family and celebrating her new baby! We also went to see Jamie Winter (Cindy's Nephew) and his family and then we headed off to Santa Rosa to see Cindy's brother, Spencer and his family. On sunday Spencer made us breakfast and we got to hang out before heading to the airport to end our trip. Luckily we were all in the same terminal so we got to hang out before each of us got on our flights!

We arrived home safely on Sunday night and I was happy to see Tyler. I missed him! It was our first weekend apart since we have been married so it was weird not seeing him and sleeping next to his sister instead of him. haha. I love my husband!

It was a good time for sure and we got to visit many places. It rained a little bit, but it was still beautiful. We got to visit family and friends and at times it was a little busy, but overall it was a good trip! I enjoyed sleeping in a different bed every night, but not necessarily getting woken up every once in a while by Cindy's snoring. It was okay though because luckily I brought my ear plugs! haha. Tyler had a fun weekend watching basketball with his dad and playing way too many video games with Pat, but that wasn't unexpected. :)


Devin and Shira said...

It's about time you update your blog missy! "Trolleywood" looks like so much fun! Love ya...I can't wait for October!

Kelly & Nate Wright said...

Hello!!!! How's the married life?! It looks like you had a ton of fun on the Rex girls weekend getaway. Come see mine and Nate's blog... it's boring but it'll do.