Friday, April 11, 2014

30 weeks and maternity portraits

wow, 30 weeks (on March 27th) ... the countdown to 40 weeks begins. i cannot believe just how fast this pregnancy is flying by! soon our son will be here with us and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! my heart is so full when i think about what a blessing this whole experience has been. i am kind of sad that it's almost over. i have loved being pregnant, although it comes with a price, i have loved it. despite the heartburn, the swollen feet and hands, the peeing every hour or two at night, stretch marks or the discomfort when trying to bend over, roll over or get into a car, this really is a magical experience. seriously. i wouldn't trade all the annoying stuff for feeling my boy move around inside my belly. or to have tyler's hand on my belly as our boy shows dad his awesome dance moves. or to have people greet me in such a kind and loving way, like they know that there is something special going on inside of me. i am a sacred vessel, a partner with god in creating a miracle. that is real. that is worth it all.

lately i have been trying to get things in order for baby boys arrival. organizing, cleaning and getting his room set up. it's been really fun and i am so excited to have him here with us. to complete our family. to bring another fun personality into our little pair. we have been just us for 6 1/2 years now so it seems weird that there will be another person in our family, but it also feels right. i am so excited for our adventures as a family!

i've also been wondering what kind of personality this kid is going to have. i took a prenatal yoga class and the teacher recommended we make a list of all the qualities we want our baby to have, like this connection that i have with him right now will make it so that he will somehow absorb my hopes for him. i think it's a beautiful sentiment, so i thought i would jot down a few things. i hope he is funny! i hope he is kind, loving and tender, but that he also knows how to stick up for himself and stand for truth. i hope he is strong physically so that he can keep up with his jock of a dad and take care of others. i hope he is sweet like his father, and that he lights up when he smiles just like tyler does. i hope he has passion for good things and that he enjoys being social and being outside. i hope he has my eye color and my hair/hair line, but tyler's eye shape. of course i hope he is cute, and has really kissable cheeks! honestly, if he looks just like his dad i will have no qualms about it. and i suppose right now, most of all, i hope he is a good eater & sleeper, just like his mama.

so i leave you with these thoughts and these wonderful photos our friend megan guererro took for us. i will cherish these photos for as long as i live. this whole pregnant thing isn't a walk in the park, but i sure do love it. but i think that's just like everything else in life that's worth doing. it's hard, but it's SO worth it.

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Jeff and Kira said...

So beautiful! The words and pictures! So happy for you two!