Thursday, May 23, 2013

happy birthday mom!

while in california we also got to celebrate mom's birthday! we all went down to the orange circle and ate dinner at the filling station then walked around and ate gelato, got milk shakes at bruxie and window shopped.
i love my dear mother SO much! i am so grateful that although i don't live as close anymore, i can still travel home often to spend time with family during these special moments.
love you mom!

happy mother's day

i was fortunate enough to be able to spend mother's day in california with family. we were in town for a wedding a couple days before and then sunday afternoon tyler flew out for his last training trip. i was happy to stay in california to celebrate mother's day and my mom's birthday! it was a great week. the weather was pleasantly warm, we got to spend time together as a family and my sister and i got to treat mom to lunch and a mani/pedi. 
as i have gotten older, and as my life has changed in almost every way this year, i have grown to appreciate my mother and the other people in my life who have helped me to become the person i am today. my relationship with my mother has not always been the best. we haven't always seen eye to eye and we are both pretty feisty ladies. but i am so happy to say that our relationship is better than ever. i love her more than words can express and i cannot imagine my life without her. she is such a strength to me and continues to be a support to me. 
happy mother's day mom. i love you!

Monday, May 20, 2013

bubba gump shrimp

we hit the strip with tyler's trainer and his wife for some bubba gump shrimp and a walk down fremont street in down town las vegas. while the food was amazing, the spectacles on fremont street were far weirder than i was used to. definitely something to experience once and never again! but a fun night all in all! bubba, we will be back!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

lunch with the girls

back in april i had lunch with my lovely friends ahsli, baby claire and mary. i wasn't able to make it to mary's baby shower so we went to lunch and i gave her a gift for little baby sawyer. our waiter also just happened to be a good friend of tyler's growing up. it was fun to visit with the ladies and see an old friend, plus munch on some super yummy food.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

long beach, ca

part of spring break in california was also riding bikes in long beach and hitting up our favorite italian place, domenico's! we had a blast, even if the wind was sand blasting us! the boys had a good time jumping off the dock and brylee had fun dancing on the cooler. i love these people. i cannot say that enough!