Wednesday, January 25, 2012


new years resolutions are tough for me sometimes. because i am a task oriented person i find it difficult to narrow my list down to an appropriate/realistic amount of goals or ambitions. so i tried to think about it a lot and talk it over with tyler. together we have decided on the following goals. some of them are mine and some of them are ours.

mine: read five (5) books. this may not sound like much, but since i graduated it's been tough for me to start a book and actually finish it. so this is actually a bit of a challenge for me.

ours: read the book of mormon together

ours: save enough money to pay off our student loan in july

mine: stick to my diet plan. exercise self control & self discipline. stretch myself in my work outs.

mine: live life simpler. be happy with what i have & try not to complicate things by putting too much on my plate. don't waste time watching tv when there are more constructive things i could be doing.

mine: try out my dad's old road bike.

mine: continue to make progress with my photography. maybe be brave & quit my job so i can really focus on making money while doing something i am passionate about.

ours: make meals from the biggest loser cookbooks i got for christmas

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last year  i made an inspiration board and i did accomplish some things. i would now like to toot my own horn just a little. there are still things on that list that i need to accomplish, but i would like to share what i actually did accomplish...

  • i now have created the habit of reading scriptures everyday. for a long time i would start up and just lose the motivation or forget to read each day. i know it helps me to be happier and closer to the spirit so i have tried really hard this year to finally make it stick. this has been an ongoing struggle for me to remember, but not anymore! yay!
  • i am proud to say that we got a lot of use out of our bikes over the past year. it's been really fun to ride with our friends too. 
  • i made the goal of running another marathon and in october i did it! it was awesome. 
  • i wanted to sew more & i made a blanket for my niece!
  • i tried a bunch of recipes from my jillian michaels cookbook.
  • i bought my D700 & launched my photography blog. i also attended the tonya joy workshop and learned a ton. i am really grateful that i was able to make some major progress. 
so maybe i didn't finish everything i wanted to in 2011, but i did do a lot. i am excited for 2012 and all the changes it will bring. it's kind of scary how uncertain our future is at this point. the fact that our lives could drastically change fairly quickly depending on what job tyler gets is actually kind of exciting.

here's to another great year.
i have a feeling it will be even more exciting than the last.


Kevin and Missa said...

Read the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis!! Such a good book.. its super short but such an amazing take on things:) Good luck with all your goals!! THey all seem soo good:)

Jay and Kristen said...

AMY i am so proud of you! i don't think i can look back and say i accomplished anything..but wait i did at least you make goals...i think i just accomplish stuff but then don't feel great about it because i have so many other things i want to accomplish..i'll stop now. I am just really happy for you and your progress in every aspect of your life. Love you!