Monday, January 23, 2012

back to reality

pretty sure this is my favorite pic from our trip... more to come.
thanks kris!!!

 we have returned to the mainland and are (slowly) getting  back to reality and we're still adjusting to waking up to the sound of an alarm clock. 
 our trip to hawaii was hands down the 
most incredible vacation we have ever  been on. 

it was so much fun to stay with tyler's brother ryan, his lovely wife kristen and our neices taylor & dylan. we got to stay at the fanciest schmansiest hotel we've ever seen for a couple nights too. while there i spent most of my time in the hot tub.
c'mon... what did you expect?
we feel so blessed to have been able to share that time together to celebrate 4 years of marriage, tyler's graduation and his 27th birthday. it was like a little refresher. somewhat of a second honeymoon i suppose.

so... since today is my man's actual birthday... i just want to let him know that  i am so grateful for him and our life together. i had so much fun with him on our trip. i remember many occasions where we just laughed with one another. those instances will be burned into my memory forever.  i just felt so in love with him and so lucky to have such a happy person to spend all my time with. 

happy birthday tyler!!!

i love you with my whole soul & i think we should start every year celebrating in 
hawaii relaxing & laughing together.i'm so glad you're mine forever.

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Whit said...

SUCH a great picture! Happy 4 years!!