Tuesday, December 13, 2011


today is tuesday.

tomorrow is wednesday.

the day after that is thursday.
and thursday is a special day in our house.

on thursday at 5 o'clock in the evening tyler will take his final final exam.

words cannot express the excitement that i am feeling. tyler is very calm and quietly attending study groups, typing away on the laptop and preparing for his last days of school. i am so very proud of him. finishing his bachelors has in no way been an easy ride, but he has endured and in just a couple days he will be able to say he is a college grad. he will be the first man in his family and i was the first woman in my family. i am so glad that we will be able to tell our children that we both finished college while we were married, living in so cal and working. we worked hard and together we accomplished a very important goal.

 i am so grateful to my husband for all of his hard work. someday, instead of working for the family business & running my photography business i will be able to quit my full time job to be home with our children while doing photography part time. i will be working, but the majority of my work will be in our home. but mr. rex will continue to work full time to provide for our family and i take great comfort in that. knowing that he will always be there to support me (in so many ways) just gives me a sense of peace.

i am just feeling really grateful for him today. grateful for who he is. grateful for who he has become. grateful for the knowledge that i get to keep him forever as long as i behave myself.

i'm excited for thursday, but even more excited for all the days after that. 


Kelly said...

Seriously, I love your love for Tyler. And his love for you. You guys make me smile.

Laura said...

Wahoo!!!!! I need your address. Can you text or call or email or FB message me? ;)