Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas is here

well ladies and gentlemen... christmas has arrived over at the rex house. we have all our decorations up and the tree is decorated and lit. 

i. am. in. love. 

each time i open the door i am happy to be here. happy to have a cozy apartment to come home to after a long day. happy to have a warm snuggle partner. happy to breathe in the smells of the season.

friday night was wonderful. we had a sweet dinner date and headed to home depot for our tree. the first tree we spotted was the one. how did we get so lucky again? it was such a perfect tree, right at the front of the lot. i couldn't believe it was still there. maybe it was meant to be. 

we got home, rearranged some furniture and got to decorating. i love it. 

then we heard a knock at the door and much to our surprise we were greeted by our cousins, the daltons & brylee and kimberly! it was so much fun to visit with josh & laura who live up in san jose. i especially enjoyed feeding baby jared chocolate covered raisins. what can i say? 
i'm a sucker for cute little boys. 
after the daltons went home jay, kristen, brylee & kim stayed to watch movies and bake cookies. it was a wonderful night. definitely what the holiday season is all about. 

just being together. being happy to be with one another. being grateful for our growing family.

we are so very blessed. 

and my favorite ornament of the year...

we hope your christmas season is merry & bright! 

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