Friday, June 24, 2011

i love this

(Our favorite couple shot from the Rex Family photo shenanigans)

Yesterday I decided to take it easy in my work out and do a yoga class. The class was great, as yoga always is, it was exactly what I needed. At the end we were in the open heart pose and the instructor told us to take time to think about what we are grateful for. I thought I would share some of my gratitude with you.
I'm grateful for that yoga class that made me stop & ponder. I am grateful for a husband who loves me no matter how much of a stinker I am. I'm grateful that when I had a long hard day at work he knew that turning on Iron & Wine radio and lighting my volcano candle would calm me down and make me happy. I'm grateful to live in a beautiful place and for the blooming flowers. I'm grateful that my niece kicks me when I put my hand on Kimmy's belly. I'm grateful for my cute nephews who get excited when we come see them at swimming lessons. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be calm and relaxed whenever I practice yoga. And this may sound cheesy, but I always feel so much more connected to my body and spirit after a yoga class, it's like therapy. To end my work out I rode my bike home and soaked in the cool breeze and the sunshine.

And of course I'm grateful that today is Friday! Hope you have a happy weekend!

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Em said...

Amy, you brightened my day! Thank you for sharing your insight today! I need to do some yoga! love ya