Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We went up to Santa Cruz to visit Tyler's cousin Spencer Brady and to meet up with our other cousins Spencer and Ashley Rex. While there we stayed with Spencer Brady at his sweet waterfront condo in Capitola. It was amazing. Friday morning I went on an hour jog and didn't hit ONE signal light. I just cruised through the beach town and hugged the coast. It was probably my favorite run of all time. The trip was complete with Pleasure Pizza, Spencer Brady's first EVER funnel cake at the boardwalk, watching the Spencer's surf, visiting with Josh & Laura and the kiddos, an attempt to whale watch & ending up nauseated, oysters, pizza & hot chocolate with Lauren, San Jose Earthquakes game where our good friend Steve Lenhart scored an amazing goal & got us in for free, and an amazing brunch at Gayles Bakery (just about the cutest place I have ever been to). I also enjoyed not caring about what time it was for three whole days!!!

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Jeff and Kira said...

This sounds like SUCH a fun trip! I love all of the pictures. And I'm actually really really jealous. haha