Friday, June 17, 2011

Counting Down

So... I know I haven't updated in like forever, but I have been super duper busy my friends. For those of you who still frequent this blog I promise I will be catching you up on all of our family happenings, but for now I am just going to spill some of my feelings as of late.
Tyler is almost done with school. We are seriously counting down the days. Lately it has been pretty rough due to the fact that he is taking a summer course and his teacher is insane and assigns like 100 pages of reading every night. It's hard to be living in a one bedroom with the computer and the television in the same room. Tyler goes from reading on the couch to the computer to do his stupid journal entries for each chapter that he reads. Basically it's hard because after a long day of working, then going to the gym, I just want to relax and watch some TV, but I can't because he is studying. It's not like I'm mad at him, of course I know his education is the priority, but I just want this phase of life to be over. He is taking two more summer classes from July to August so it's going to be crazy, but again, I know it's worth it.
Lately I have just been so excited for the future. I cannot wait until Tyler is done with school (if all goes according to plan that will be in December... exactly 6 months from now). I seriously cannot wait. I am so excited for him to get a new job and do something that he is passionate about. I am SO excited to think more seriously about starting a family and moving into a bigger place... with a washer & dryer PLEASE!!! I'm even more excited about actually being able to save $$$$! I am grateful that we can pay his tuition without going into debt, but it sure would be nice if all those thousands of dollars were going into our savings account instead of California's bank account. I don't really know how to explain it, but I just get excited every time I think about it.
But the good thing is that in July, when Tyler registers for the Fall semester it will be our LAST tuition payment ever!!! Well at least until he goes to grad school. :)
I keep telling Tyler, according to him I say it everyday, how excited I am for him to be finished with his bachelors. I'm just ready for a change. I want to move somewhere new, decorate a new place, and be done with school. I feel like life will be so much happier! I Can't wait!

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Kelly said...

Gosh, I know how you feel on so many different levels! Except, I am over the first new job out of school and ready to go back to school! Haha, it's weird how it works out that way. And I think it's hard being in one spot after a few years. Maybe that's how all couples feel in the first 5-7 years? I guess we'll see! I'm excited for you guys and that Tyler will be graduating so soon... and jealous! I still need to finish my Bachelor's!!!!