Thursday, February 17, 2011

i want more

Valentines Day was radical. We were lovey dovey, he got me flowers, I got him cookies, we ate at Houstons, we cuddled, we kissed, we ate a hot fudge sundae, we laughed and we had to put on stretchy pants as soon as we got home.

By the way, if you're ever in Irvine and you want to be blown away... eat at Houston's. It was insane. The french dip was to die for. I literally start salivating every time I think about it. I can't wait to go back. Or I guess I can't wait until our wallets can afford to go back... lots.


Ashley and Blake said...

We love Houston's! Blake has been dying to go back for that sandwich! Glad you guys had a nice time!

shira said...

i'm so mad i looked at ur blog because now i want to go back to houston's for another french dip! so good!!!!

Jeff and Kira said...

Mmmm all of that looks so good! You guys are such a great couple!